When asked what is my inspiration, or what was I thinking of when I created whatever piece of art that captures an audience, to be honest I have no definite answer. Anything beautiful to my eyes is an inspiration. The term beauty is in the eyes of the beholder really sums it up pretty well from where I’m standing. I love feelings that hit me, bang, just like that, in every way, shape, or form. Some visuals stinging you so hard that it brings tears to your eyes, with others a moment of happiness. Either way it’s all about emotion; a feeling of raw nostalgia, the history of a mark that can tell me a thousand stories. I believe that all forms of depression, anger, sadness, happiness, and whatever other feelings I can add to that list and roll up in a ball to overcome the day by creating art that exudes emotion, and answers a pose qualifies as a good day for me. 


Every day I try to create my version of ART.



This piece is a real and factual thing that I, like most people, undergo daily. Although I don’t look like this, I feel the clock ticking towards tomorrow’s today.

Fallen City PT. 1

I always loved working in old buildings, wondering where the workers ate their lunch. Or what equipment consumed the enormous now stained and beaten floors; the floors where someone that’s now gone from this life, stood every day of theirs.

Between Us

What can I say about the very personal painting that’s titled “Between Us.” This piece of art is a collaboration between myself and my father, a veteran artist of over 50 years and my inspiration to being an artist. When I asked my Dad if he would share this experience, he answered with no hesitation, “Sure, let’s do it.” Think of how honored I was that a master allowed me that experience. I didn’t research the numbers but I believe that 99.9% of real artists would say no. Do you really think someone of that caliber wants someone else touching something that is so personal? Father or not, that’s usually a tougher hurdle in most cases. Let’s be honest, as a joke go help your father wax his Sunday Cruiser and see if you get through that task without biting your tongue, or throwing in the towel, no pun intended. I was nervous to say the least, but he made the experience smooth, and as always, educational in the sense of being humble and true to what is really important. Needless to say a fantastic cigar, a few drinks, a great album, and a father and sons lifelong relationship surrounded this creation we call, “Between Us.” You can visit my father at Fine Art by Domenic Cimino.

About Brett

Here is some insight to the artist Brett Cimino.


A Little Intro

Whether I’m writing or painting, I’m trying to create something that satisfies me as being complete. It’s extremely difficult because the artist is alone as an individual wanting, needing, and knowing he or she must build something that stands all on its own; validity to a self-creation, and statements about questions that may have no answers. Working with a structure that’s completion is truly an endless one, and understanding that the infinite possibilities makes the struggle one of the most difficult, but one of the most rewarding when you’re able to stop, not wanting to make one more mark and say, “This is done.”

My Exhibitions

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